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Nautical experiences for everyone in unique catamarans

At the heart of nautical creation and innovation are the stories of Twino & Tuiva, an exclusive and unique service of water sports and activities for everyone. Founded by Olivier Jeanjean, passionate about industrial design and water sports, this company stands as a beacon of adventure and sustainability on the Mediterranean coast.

As the worlds of entertainment and tourism converge in his vision, Twino & Tuiva have emerged as a dynamic and accessible solution for those who yearn to explore the wonders of the water.

Interview with Olivier Jeanjean (President and Founder)

Interview by Seed&Click

 What does Twino & Tuiva offer?

The company offers multiple services of shared navigation experiences, through the rental of the world’s most unique catamarans, exclusively for everyone!

 How was Twino (boats) & Tuiva (activities) founded?

I have always practised water sports and designed and manufactured SkateBoards, WindSurfs. I am also a graduate of the E.N.S. Arts Décoratifs Paris (1987) in Industrial Design, Arts and Culture, Business…

The idea for Twino & Tuiva arises from the inspiration of living on the Mediterranean coast and my own family’s experience at the beach (3 children and a wife unfamiliar with the water). That is precisely what led to the creation of the first Twino & Tuiva prototypes with more than 5 propulsions (sail, kite, rowing, electric, double sail, etc.).

Later, in 2011 I created Twino Sport SAS, but due to the immature market and lack of sufficient start-up capital, the company had to close in 2020. Even so, I continued to develop products and services until 2022 when I relaunched Twino & Tuiva with a new and unique Business Model, focused on the global nautical-tourism industry, accessible and fun for everyone.

What is your market opportunity?

Our real market opportunity is in aquatic destinations that increasingly need new activities to attract, differentiate and retain their customers.

Through our main offer, which is an easy nautical leisure offer, accessible to all, respectful of the environment and with multiple adapted options, tourism leaders such as Club Med, Barceló or Accor, ask us for synergies with their own businesses.

 What problem are you solving with your products?

Easy, safe, shared and fun browsing for everyone! Tuiva NautiClub is the first step so that the 90% of the population that still does not dare to participate in nautical leisure activities, because they feel intimidated or afraid, can do so safely.

Where is your headquarters and with which country are you currently operating?

Initially, the idea is to start operating in the south of France during the 2024 Olympic Games and later in Spain. Our vision is to create and develop a large and quality brand in the world of tourism industry near the water’s edge, lakes, rivers and beaches.

What is your business model and how do you monetize?

Our main source of income is the rental of exciting, renewable and environmentally friendly experiences for families, groups, couples, young and old. In short, for everyone.

What is your competitive advantage and innovation compared to your competitors?

Our main attraction is the activities that we create, which are really fun, innovative, rewarding, safe and comfortable, and renewable. In addition, it has great potential because it can be shared in a group and can be adapted to any type of climate and/or local restrictions that may exist.

What is your vision regarding the Blue Economy (SDG) and how does your company contribute to those objectives?

The future of the blue economy is commitment, respect, promotion and sustainability. Our objective is:

  • Empower people to lead healthy lives and encourage well-being at all ages.
  • Provide quality education and promote opportunities, especially for women and girls. Educate populations, conserve and sustainably exploit the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development purposes.
  • Promote sustained, shared and sustainable economic growth; and good quality employment.
  • Build lasting infrastructure.
  • Promote industrialization and sustainable inclusive societies through shared use and responsible consumption patterns.
  • Foster innovation.
  • Fight against climate change and its repercussions.

And finally, what needs do you currently have and what is your expansion plan? 

Our most imminent plan right now is to open and make the Tuiva NautiClub known to the world during the 2024 Olympic Games in France, in order to enter this market quickly and forcefully with our brand.

Subsequently, we would like to annually be able to deliver ‘a surprise on the water’ every year and open new branches in new destinations around the world!

We are currently looking for:

  • FUNDS: €1.2 M of European Business Angels, sensitive to innovation through use and eco-friendly manufacturing in Europe, especially to be able to cover our personnel needs.
  • PARTNERS: Experts in the tourism industry, receptive and eager to establish synergies.


In a world where ocean and land intertwine, the Twino & Tuiva initiative shines with unwavering spirit. Inspired by the search for adventure and the desire to share unique experiences on the water, Olivier Jeanjean has forged a brand that transcends borders. By harnessing technology and innovation, they have created an ecosystem where people can navigate, explore and discover in harmony with nature. From its inception to its reinvention, Twino & Tuiva embody a passion for the ocean, shared excitement, and a brighter, more sustainable future for the blue economy.

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