March 1, 2024

The 2024 Boat Show is preparing a special edition within the framework of the America’s Cup

The Barcelona Boat Show will participate in the 37th edition of the America’s Cup, which will take place for the first time in Barcelona’s waters, in an informative format specially adapted for the occasion. In this way, it will take advantage of the regatta’s setting to showcase the sector’s advances in key fields such as sustainability and technology, as well as to generate promotional and networking opportunities.

The America’s Cup, which will occupy the entire Port Vell, limits the organisation of the Barcelona show in its traditional format this year, both for logistical and scheduling reasons. However, the event, as a key player in the promotion and dissemination of recreational sailing and sports in our country, wants to be at the side of the event considered the formula 1 of sailing.

For this reason, the Barcelona event will move away from its usual commercial format to present a special edition where companies in the sector will present their latest innovations, which anticipate the trends in sailing, as well as a sample of the progress of the strategic sectors that will mark the future of the sector and the visualisation of the America’s Cup as a key competition for the evolution and transfer of innovation to the industry.

In this sense, next autumn the Boat Show will bring together a specialised selection of brands and professionals who are leading the application of design, technology and materials towards a more innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly nautical sector to disseminate the latest advances in clean propulsion systems, sustainable boats and foils, among others.

Preparing for 2025
The Boat Show’s activity within the framework of the America’s Cup, whose design and location are still being finalised, will also serve to present its new Strategic Plan, which will specify the objectives and a new organisational model for the event for the period 2025-2027, with the aim of promoting the growth and differentiation of the emblematic show in future editions.