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We like to share #3

Four new recommendations that we would like to share to those who love the culture and recreation of the sea in this third issue of the monthly Nautic News.

1- Guides to the Cantabrian Sea and Galicia

Yachting enthusiast and journalist Miguel Lareo, author of the nautical website MasMar , scrupulously compiled several guides to the Spanish coastline, including those for the Basque Country , Cantabria , Asturias and Galicia .

Well documented and reviewed by their author himself, these guides are highly recommended and can be consulted digitally at Some are also available in print version.

2- The latest edition of our podcast Sea Lovers

We interviewed Carlos Sanlorenzo. In a relaxing conversation, he explained the relationship between the employers’ association ANEN, which he chairs, and the European and Spanish administrations, among other curious topics.

3- Protect yourself from the sun

Although in summer the exposure to the sun’s malignant effect on our skin is greater, during the rest of the year we must not let our guard down either. On board, awnings are our best ally for shading the deck, and they also minimise the damp breeze at night. A hat is the best and really the only effective solution to keep the sun off your head. They are now available in fabrics with certified UV protection, as are T-shirts, which are recommended in long sleeves if you are exposed to direct sunlight, whether sailing, swimming or doing water sports. Sunscreen is a must for our health, and it is recommended that we use a very high protection factor and that we apply them half an hour before being exposed to the sun. Taking care of your skin is important, but so is taking care of your eyesight by wearing glasses with a minimum of level 3 protection, and even better if they have polarised lenses and are level 4.

4- An enclave: Cabo de Gata

An emblematic destination in the province of Almería, this cape is located in the Natural Park of the same name, created as a Marine Reserve to preserve the richness of its waters. It is advisable to research the possibility of anchoring in its coves and along the coastline. From land, there are many options for visiting it by boat.

Its most noteworthy sight is its lighthouse, built in 1863 inside the existing Corralete Fort. Its tower reaches 18 metres high, and its elevation above the sea is 50 metres, so its beam has a 30-mile range over the Mediterranean.