Track: Sustainability

Fri 15
Parallel Events | Saló Nàutic Sustainability

Clean Hulls: Essential for Sustainable Boating and marine Biodiversity

Jose Luis Fayos Muñoz
Jose Luis Fayos MuñozANENTechnical AdvisorModerator
Eduardo Díaz
Eduardo Díaz Jotun IbericaRegional Technical Sales Support, Yachting West EuropeSpeaker
Antonio Rodriguez Lopez
Antonio Rodriguez LopezAKZO Nobel Industrial PaintsSpeaker
Alejandro Samaniego
Alejandro Samaniego Investigación y Desarrollo NavalSpeaker
Emma Cebrian Pujol
Emma Cebrian PujolCentro de Estudios Ambientales de Blanes Researcher Expert in Invasive SpeciesSpeaker
Jaime Darder Vidal
Jaime Darder VidalANAVREPresidentSpeaker

15-10-2021 10:0015-10-2021 11:00Europe/MadridClean Hulls: Essential for Sustainable Boating and marine Biodiversity

How and why biofouling is so harmful to the marine environment, and how expensive they are for recreational boat owners and operators. Solutions to combat this threat.

Espai del Mar
10:00h - 11:00h Espai del Mar
Sat 16
Roundtable | Saló Nàutic Sustainability

Planning the Public Use of Maritime Space

Carolina Martí Llambrich
Carolina Martí LlambrichUniversitat de Girona Geographer - Director of the Institute of the EnvironmentSpeaker
Pedro Olivares Carreño
Pedro Olivares CarreñoOlivares ConsultingCEOModerator
Rosario Allué Puyuelo
Rosario Allué PuyueloGeneralitat de CatalunyaDeputy Director of Maritima PolicySpeaker

16-10-2021 10:3016-10-2021 11:00Europe/MadridPlanning the Public Use of Maritime Space

The great challenge of ordering and reducing the impact of recreational boating at sea.

Espai del Mar
10:30h - 11:00h Espai del Mar
Roundtable | Saló Nàutic Sustainability

Nautical Commitment to the Protection of the Sea

Edgar Aznar
Edgar Aznar Blue CarbonCo-FounderModerator
Miguel Angel Mateo Mínguez
Miguel Angel Mateo MínguezSpanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)Head of the Group of Aquatic Macrophyte Ecology (GAME)Speaker
David Urbano Martín
David Urbano MartínImaginChief Marqueting OfficerSpeaker

16-10-2021 11:1516-10-2021 11:45Europe/MadridNautical Commitment to the Protection of the Sea

- Damage caused by the nautical to the sea and coastal ecosystems understanding how these damages occur and why.

- Solutions to the damage and how to reverse it

- Blue Carbon wants to be part of the solution through the mission for which it has been created "Explain, Disseminate, Raise Awareness and Act to Save the Sea".

- How it is done and what actions it has carried out, with two axes: First ship neutral in CO2 emissions and Imagin Project

- Detailed explanation of the Imagin project

Espai del Mar
11:15h - 11:45h Espai del Mar
Roundtable | Saló Nàutic Sustainability

The Behavior of Orca Whales in the Strait

Suso Perez
Suso Perez La VanguardiaEditorModerator
Noemí Fuster
Noemí Fuster BonDiaMonPresidentSpeaker
Alfredo López Fernandez
Alfredo López FernandezCEMMABiologistSpeaker

16-10-2021 12:0016-10-2021 12:30Europe/MadridThe Behavior of Orca Whales in the Strait

Understand the reason for the reaction of these mammals to recreational boats.

Espai del Mar
12:00h - 12:30h Espai del Mar