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The number of proposals at the Innovation Dock increases to 15

The water scooter, the anchor alarm and the alarm platform are the three new proposals to be added to the panel of the Innovation Dock at the upcoming Barcelona Boat Show.

Next Blue Tech, the French startup, has created the BlueWay, an electric-powered water scooter suitable for everyone, with no need for any great physical fitness, outstanding skills or technical knowledge, thanks to its great stability. It’s designed to provide a vehicle for placid sailing, escaping from the overcrowded coastlines and getting away from it all, with the choice of doing so with the family. Its silent and emission-free propulsion enables it to access protected natural locations without disturbing the environment.

It’s a board made of 100% recyclable HDPE and it measures 2.50 metres long, 1.05 metres wide and 40 centimetres thick. It weighs 50 kg, including 12 kg of batteries, but it can be easily moved across the ground thanks to its accessory wheels. Its 400W engine allows it to reach a speed of 4 knots and it has 7 hours of autonomy. The full recharge time is 3 hours.

The full rotation of the handlebars makes it highly manoeuvrable and it can be folded, making it easier to transport and store.

Sense4Boat from Croatia proposes a sensor system to improve boat safety. Connected to a platform, it can send alerts by voice message, email or SMS to different devices belonging to the owner, the marina the vessel is moored at or a company responsible for the care and maintenance of the vessel.

The sensors are independent of each other and can be purchased individually. The four available ones can control the batteries (charge level, full cycle warning, temperature during the charging process), bilge pump, engine chamber temperature (fire warning) and the GPS locator as an anti-theft device that can be installed on the boat itself or on an attachment, a jet ski or an outboard engine, and it operates by updating the position until it stops moving and then confirming it every 24 hours.

The sensors are quick and easy to install, as they’re battery-operated and don’t need to be connected to the boat’s electrical system.

Swissoceantech is a company that’s finalising its AnchorGuardian technology to minimise the risk of anchor-dragging by providing immediate alarms and predicting the anchor’s grip. The system is based on its own patented algorithm and a proprietary sensor fusion system that’s independent from any GPS signal.

Anchor movement and the subsequent dragging of the vessel, be it a yacht or a merchant ship, can lead to environmental damage, some of it of a serious nature if it causes a collision or damage to an underwater pipeline with fuel spillage and loss of cargo. Anchor-dragging also erodes the seabed and destroys the underwater ecosystem.

The distinctive feature of AnchorGuardian is that it ensures increased safety by identifying and reporting unwanted anchor-dragging in real time, independently of the GPS and regardless of any vessel movement. The information can be displayed on a stand-alone screen connected to the GPD or ECDIS plotter or a smartphone or tablet.

Its market launch is scheduled for 2023 for depths of up to 100 metres, although subsequent models for up to 150 metres are envisaged.