María Aguirre Martínez

Lawyer | @de_estribor_a_baborAlmeria y Madrid, Spain
María Aguirre Martínez


Lawyer specialized in civil liability interested in recent years by the laws that govern the seas far from land. Navigator in continuous learning by the hand of my daughter Inés. Creator of digital content and owner of the MAMI.


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Sea Wolves

María Aguirre Martínez
María Aguirre Martínez@de_estribor_a_baborLawyer
16-10-2021 18:0016-10-2021 18:30Europe/MadridSea Wolves

Tour with women's names in nautical and sea, where we will talk about female pirates, sailors, freedivers and lighthouse keepers. The purely marine matriarchy.

Espai del Mar
Sat 16 18:00h - 18:30h Espai del Mar