Josep Lluís Pelegrí Llopart

Director and Research Professor | ICM – CSIC Barcelona, Spain
Josep Lluís Pelegrí Llopart


Oceanographer, educator and manager. Specialized in ocean circulation, biogeochemical processes and climate change, with a holistic planetary vision. Long experience in the oil industry and the university world, research professor at the CSIC and director of the Institut de Ciències de Mar.


Keynote | Saló Nàutic Innovation

Certainties and Uncertainties of Climate Change

Josep Lluís Pelegrí Llopart
Josep Lluís Pelegrí Llopart ICM – CSIC Director and Research Professor Speaker
Pedro Olivares Carreño
Pedro Olivares Carreño Olivares Consulting CEO Introduced by

15-10-2021 11:30 15-10-2021 12:00 Europe/Madrid Certainties and Uncertainties of Climate Change

The IPCC has just published the first volume of the Sixth Assessment Report, dedicated to the physical sciences of climate change. This assessment sends us a strong message: the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has had, has and will have a serious impact on the Earth's climate.

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