Emma Cebrian Pujol

Researcher Expert in Invasive Species | Centro de Estudios Ambientales de BlanesBlanes, Spain
Emma Cebrian Pujol


My career as a researcher focuses on the study of the organization of benthic marine communities, especially in the northwestern Mediterranean; specifically the role of human impact and global change (invasive species and climate change) on marine ecosystems.


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Clean Hulls: Essential for Sustainable Boating and marine Biodiversity

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Emma Cebrian Pujol
Emma Cebrian PujolCentro de Estudios Ambientales de Blanes Researcher Expert in Invasive SpeciesSpeaker
Jaime Darder Vidal
Jaime Darder VidalANAVREPresidentSpeaker
15-10-2021 10:0015-10-2021 11:00Europe/MadridClean Hulls: Essential for Sustainable Boating and marine Biodiversity

How and why biofouling is so harmful to the marine environment, and how expensive they are for recreational boat owners and operators. Solutions to combat this threat.

Espai del Mar
Fri 15 10:00h - 11:00h Espai del Mar