Anna Corbella Jordi

Base Director Mini Barcelona | FNOBBarcelona, Spain
Anna Corbella Jordi


A veterinarian graduate from the UAB, she started sailing from an early age, becoming Spanish champion of the class 420 (1999) and 470 (2000) and was part of the pre-Olympic team of Sydney 2000. A professional in the world of ocean sailing since 2009, he competed in the Mini Transat 650, a solo transoceanic regatta, finishing in 13th position.


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Mini Transat Race 2021

Carles Clastre Bozzo
Carles Clastre BozzoFNOBCommunication Director
Anna Corbella Jordi
Anna Corbella JordiFNOBBase Director Mini Barcelona
Federico Waksman Pereyra
Federico Waksman PereyraNavegant OceànicAthlete
17-10-2021 11:1517-10-2021 11:45Europe/MadridMini Transat Race 2021

All about the regatta Mini Transat 2021 which started on Monday 27 October. Sailing skills and sea resistance, from the hand of one of the protagonists of the Mini FNOB Base.

Espai del Mar
Sun 17 11:15h - 11:45h Espai del Mar