Alfredo López Fernandez

Biologist | CEMMAGondomar, Spain
Alfredo López Fernandez


Doctor in Biology from the Santiago Univ. Specialist in cetaceans. Scientific illustrator. Adjunct researcher at the Biology Department of the University of Aveiro-CESAM. Founding member of CEMMA in 1990. Head of the UCI for the rehabilitation of marine fauna. Co-author of 77 scientific articles.


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The Behavior of Orca Whales in the Strait

Suso Perez
Suso Perez La VanguardiaEditorModerator
Noemí Fuster
Noemí Fuster BonDiaMonPresidentSpeaker
Alfredo López Fernandez
Alfredo López FernandezCEMMABiologistSpeaker

16-10-2021 12:0016-10-2021 12:30Europe/MadridThe Behavior of Orca Whales in the Strait

Understand the reason for the reaction of these mammals to recreational boats.

Espai del Mar
Sat 16 12:00h - 12:30h Espai del Mar