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Seabob Rescue, the watcher of beaches and depths

Launched in 2017, the SeaBob Rescue offers a small, compact and practical ‘vehicle’ for water rescue and surveillance tasks at water sports events.

The rescue device SeaBob Rescue (link is designed to be launched by one person into the water without the need for additional equipment, thanks to its small size (length 115 cm, width 50 cm and height 37 cm) and weighing just 10 kg. It is also easily transportable in any vehicle, giving it independence from fixed rescue stations or bases.

The SeaBob Rescue is hand-built using saltwater-resistant materials of proven quality by the Stuttgart-based German company Cayago AG ( The safety system to avoid shocks and accidents to both the rescued and the rescuer includes a rubber padding around the perimeter, and the location of the entire propulsion unit inside the hull prevents accidents with rotating propellers.

Zero Emissions

In addition to its usefulness, the SeaBob Rescue has been designed with the utmost respect for the environment in mind, eliminating emissions during navigation.

It has an electric motor delivering up to 6.1 HP of power, with a maximum thrust from its 745-N E-Jet turbine, allowing it to cross breaking waves and areas of strong tides. The propeller has six power modes to suit the use and range required. It gets its energy from lithium-ion accumulators with a total capacity of 1.8 kWH, capable of one hour’s operation. It can be fully recharged in 7 hours with the standard charger or in 1.5 hours with the optional quick charger. For safety reasons, SeaBob’s high-performance accumulators are UN transport test certified and approved for transport by fast airborne means, allowing them to be moved urgently to international disaster areas where they can effectively support rescue and salvage efforts.

Underwater missions

It is the only rescue vessel in the world suitable for surface and underwater missions. It can be easily steered and driven in all types of water conditions. This is what makes it an ideal lifesaver in all sorts of emergency situations.

It is suitable for coastal waters and open water, where it is especially useful when fin diving through higher waves. With their help, rescue divers save valuable air and energy that can make a difference in saving lives.

The SeaBob Rescue can navigate underwater, allowing for a safety depth to be set between 2.5 and 40 metres using its electronic control system.