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New Rodman Ventura 690 CC

Rodman has entered the outboard motor board segments with the 690 CC model, which kicks off the voyage of the Ventura rage, with day sailing programmes for all kinds of public.

The new Ventura range from the Rodman shipyard in Galicia made its debut at the Barcelona Boat Show, where it unveiled its first 690 CC model. A central console boat ideal for coastal sailing for people seeking to spend a day enjoying the sea with the family or friends.

Its deck, presided over by the steering position, is ideally connected along its entire length thanks to the side passages allowing movement from stern to bow. The absence of steps on the floor, the high freeboard with generous interior headroom and the sufficiently wide steps around the central console permit problem-free and safe movement.

The steering console, finished with a slightly tinted polycarbonate breeze deflector, provides adequate protection for the skipper, whose seat with a folding bench will allow him/her to steer standing up or sitting down. With good visibility and the motor controls well-positioned in relation to the steering wheel, this Ventura offers a good seating position for the skipper, ensuring the right distances to the steering wheel and controls, supported by the footrest moulded into the lower part of the console. Logically, when sailing standing up, the position is still suitable and the skipper’s preferences will dictate whether one or the other position is chosen, taking into account the speed and sea conditions.

The console has sufficient space for the installation of the different engine clocks, as well as electronic navigation equipment and a glass holder that’s always welcome. The passenger has a seat identical to the pilot’s, although it has no footrest, as the opening to the small interior cabin is positioned in front of it. In this CC model the cabin’s compact size has no other purpose than to provide ample stowage space, which is sometimes necessary for users who like to fill it with all kinds of accessories and complements. In this new 690 there’s no need to worry about where to store anything from skis to fishing rods, as well as the removable mats and tables, particularly given that the L-shaped bathroom seat can store supplies inside it. The shipyard also offers the option of fitting a chemical toilet in the cabin.

The bow provides a meeting area with a seat at the front of the console and another U-shaped one around the bow itself. The space between the two can be filled and converted into a sun deck, with the option of a removable bimini top to provide shade. Returning to the stern, the L-shaped seat and the two revolving ones in the steering position form another meeting point where a simple central table can be fitted. This is an area that can also benefit from a larger folding awning to shield it from the sun’s harmful rays.

The open port transom gives way to the stern platforms surrounding the outboard motor, including a folding swim ladder on the port side which has a sturdy handrail to make it easier to climb and move around beside the motor and the freshwater shower.

We were able to test it powered by a 175 hp Mercury motor, with three people on board and a load with 170 litres of petrol. Without any significant swell, it displayed good behaviour at various speeds and no problems when looking for a small wake wave to tackle. At maximum power we reached 33.5 knots, with the Mercury turning at 5,400 revolutions and consumption totalling 61 litres/hour. With normal sailing programmes in mind, it seemed to us that, above its planing speed (18 knots), about 20 knots (3,500 rpm with 22.2 l/h) is an attractive speed for the family that will restrict visits to the petrol station. However, sea conditions permitting, 26-28 knots at 4,500 rpm (with 38.5 l/h) is a fast cruising speed without putting too much pressure on the mechanics.

Technical Data: Maximum length 7.74 m; Hull length without stern platform 6.53 m; Beam 2.55 m; Draft 0.4 m; Weight with engine 1,2666 kg; Fuel 200 l; Fresh water 77 l; Maximum power 200 hp.