Novedades Motor Boats

Apreamare presents the new GOZZO!


Port Vell , Hall 1 , Street D Stand 148
Port Vell , Hall 1 , Street A Stand 176

An icon, an unprecedented masterpiece

Maximum comfort and fast navigation Gozzo, an innovative motor boat conceptualised by Apreamare boatyard founder, Cataldo Aprea, was revealed for the first time on 1th September on the jetset island of Capri during an exclusive event attended by Island Yachts Broker, as Exclusive Importers of Apreamare for Spain, which celebrated almost two centuries of history around the Apreamare boatyard. Gozzo is the result of a partnership lasting over 10 years with designer Brunello Acampora of Victory Design and was manufactured by Imbarcazioni d’Italia, a company belonging to the Cose Belle d’Italia group. Completely new in terms of helmet, motorization and technological solutions, the Gozzo is already destined to be an icon, a history of the brand, an unprecedented masterpiece. Pure and modern lines, rooted in the elegant Gozzi Sorrentini produced by the Aprea family in the 60s, which today still cross the waters of Sorrento, Capri and Positano. Gozzo is available in both single and twin-engine versions and has been designed to host the most state-of-the-art propulsion system and navigation technology currently available. The Gozzo is back, to write a great new story.

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