I have already registered; can I change the pass type?

If you want to change the pass type, contact the event: 902 233 200 | nautic.visitantes@firabarcelona.com

Can I modify my registration details?

You can modify your registration details by logging on to the Visitors' Area of the event website. In the 'Data' section you can modify your contact and company details and your email and password.

I have already registered; how can I access my locator number to print it?

You can print your locator number by logging on to the Visitors' Area of the event website and clicking 'Print Pass' in the 'Visit' section.

Can I register more than one person with the same email?

No, it is not possible, as the email is the user identifier and therefore must be unique.


If you wish to contact the organisation you can do so by telephone or e-mail.

902 233 200
+34 93 233 2000

902 233 200

Media services
902 233 200
+34 93 233 20 00